Dual Monitors vs Productivity

Productivity in the work place is extremely important – it’s the main asset to get the job done correctly and on time.

Some people will not agree to more is better, but in the case of monitors it is. It is not a waste of time and/or money; according to a study performed by Jon Peddie Research (JPR), dual or more monitors increase the productivity rate by 20-30 percent.


How is this possible?

Simple: it will take less time for a task to be completed.

On a computer you typically do the following: draft/send emails, data entry, chat, compare products or data, spread spreadsheets and analyse reports. All these tasks take time to complete due to the fact that you need a few windows open simultaneously. With multiple monitors, you can have your main document open on one screen and the rest of the needed sources on another, resulting to less clicks and less going back and forth through each window.

The study also shows that having multiple monitors saves up to 2.5 hours per day for each individual. This also means that the employer can save up on costs which opens up a larger margin for profit. With this said, imagine how much time will be saved daily in a company with more than 20 or any number of employees.

Those who: read financial reports, manage inventory data, review time sheets, check the internet for latest news and prepare summary information are ideal candidates for multiple monitors.

For this to work though, the company’s system must be able to handle it. Also, the monitors should be the same size and positioned at the same height or the result will not be the desirable one – the eyes will have to work faster in order to adjust from one monitor to another, making the individual tired and under productive.
In conclusion, adding multiple monitors is a great advantage for any company and it doesn’t have to be an expensive solution; there are many available options which can satisfy any budget willing to be spent.

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