Backup Strategies

AUse an External Device for Backup. Best for: Your documents (incl. recent documents), application data, media files and the system as a whole.

BAutomate Your Backup and Store It at a Safe Distance. Best for: Your documents (incl. recent documents) and application data.

CPrepare for the Big Disaster. Best for: All your essential systems as a whole (data and software servers).

DBackup the Backup! Best for: Your documents (incl. recent documents), application data, media files and the system as a whole.



Why should I backup data on my computer?
Information or data on your computer could be lost, if:
  • The hard drive in your computer fails.
  • The data on your computer is corrupted for a variety of reasons.
  • Your computer is lost or stolen.
  • Your computer is in a fire or other environmental event.
  • A virus infects your computer and deletes or corrupts your files.
Consider the inconvenience of having to recreate all of the information stored on your computer - how much of it is important to your academic or professional career - and how much of it might actually be irreplaceable.
What should I Backup?
Backup any information that is important to you. Consider not only the documents folders where you store the files you create, but also your emails, contacts' databases and files stored on your desktop or server.
  • Businesses should consider making a daily backup of all clients' documents.
  • Home users may find it helpful to make a backup copy of documents once a week.
It's generally not practical or appropriate to backup copies of programs you have installed, but you should always make sure you keep the installation disk or files and keys. This way, you will be able to reinstall programs that you own, if your computer is reimaged or replaced.
How should I Backup my data?
There are various ways you can use to backup your data. Some of them are mentioned on the top of this page. If you need more information your are more than welcome to Contact Us!
How frequently should I Backup my data?
Backups should be performed on a regular basis. The frequency of your backups will depend upon the maximum acceptable amount of work that would be lost in the event of a catastrophic failure.
Can I recover files that I have accidentally deleted?
Yes. If you have a backup that contains the file, you can restore the file from the backup.
How do I get my files back if my computer stops working?
It depends on the type of backups you have made and what files you want to restore.
  • If you have a system image backup, you can restore your operating system, your programs, and your files.
  • If you have a file backup, you can restore your files on another computer or have your computer repaired and then restore your files on it.


"Being too busy to worry about backup is like being too busy driving a car to put on a seatbelt."
-T.E. Ronneberg


"Because data is the heart of the enterprise, it's crucial for you to protect it."

-William R. Stanek

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